Shunde Eye

    ——the first cable-stayed and double-column ferris wheel in South China

    "Shunde eye" is the first cable-stayed and double-column ferris wheel in South China. It is much safer with a better view. Theoretically, it can resist category 12 hurricanes. Shunde Eye has 36 airconditioned spherical panoramic capsules. Each capsule is nearly entirely covered in glass panes with audio equipment and WIFI and able to carry six passengers.Riders can experience 21 minutes of unforgettable and dazzling travel above OCT Harbour PLUS with a wonderful view of Shunfeng Mountain park. At night, Shunde Eye lights up and passengers can enjoy the classic "One River and Two Banks" light show in the air.

    • Features: all guests, view, happiness

    • Accessibility: it is suitable for healthy visitors. Children under 140cm must be accompanied by adults. Each capsule can hold up to 6 people, with a total weight of no more than 420kg.

    • View: ★★★★★

    • Happiness: ★★★★★

    • Fun: ★★★★★

    • Family-friendly: ★★★★★

    • Location: Rose Square

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