International Food and Culture Exchange Center
UNESCO City of Gastronomy. International Food and Culture Exchange Center was initiated with the joint effort of Shunde OCT and Shunde District government. On 1 November, 2019, representatives from 19 other UNESCO Cities of Gastronomy came and witnessed the opening ceremony of the center. In the annual meeting of UENSCO UCCN in June of 2019, representatives of 22 other Cities of Gastronomy signed the MoA with Shunde aiming to develop further cooperation between Cities of Gastronomy via the international platform like this in OCT Happy Harbour PLUS.

The center covers 3700 m2, composed of exhibition space for UNESCO Cities of Gastronomy, multi-function conference hall, interactive cooking demonstration hall and so on. While tasting Shunde delicacies here, visitors can get to know about the food and culture history of Shunde from all respects via objects, media, books, lectures, conference, etc.

Ticket: free admission
Location: the second floor of No.1 Building of OCT Happy Harbour PLUS
Open: 10:00-21:30 (Closed on Monday)
Important Events
Cities of Gastronomy Best Practices Sharing Seminar
November 2019

On 1-2November 2019, Cities of Gastronomy Best Practices Sharing Seminar was held in the International Food and Culture Exchange Center. Representatives from 19 other cities of gastronomy watched a video clip of the documentary A Bite of Shunde. After that, six representatives shared the best practices of their cities as to the inheritance of traditional food and the development of their cities as a City of Gastronomy.

Participants of the seminar include Director of UNESCO Beijing Cluster Office, officials from Chinese National Commission for UNESCO and Shunde District government and representatives from 19 other Cities of Gastronomy attended the seminar and Mr. Feng Hui, CEO of Shunde OCT,communicated with the representatives and emphasized the importance of communication and exchange between cities of gastronomy for joint development. He said that he will continue to provide a versatile platform for cites of gastronomy with all the resources and experience of OCT.

Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Shunde Food and Culture Week
1-7 November Eating in Guangdong. Shunde Food and Culture Week

Shunde was the second city in China and sixth in the world that was designated by UNESCO as the City of Gastronomy. Shunde is also the only city with the title the Hometown of Chinese Chefs in the Cantonese cuisine region. Netizens describe Shunde as "a city worthy of flying over to visit and eat around". "Taste of Shunde" produced here has been ranked top 5 documentary by TV ratings in CCTV documentary channel.

During the 7-day and 7-night food and culture feast, celebrity chefs from many other cities of gastronomy from all over the world and many famous Shunde restaurants and shops presented in "A Bite of Shunde" gathered here. There are about 130 food stalls in One Belt and One Road Food Zone, Greater Bay Area Food Zone and Culture and Creative Exhibition Area in OCT Happy Harbour PLUS. During Shunde Food and Culture Week, about 500,000 foodies were attracted here.