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Each city has its own cultural landmark. It is not only an architectural symbol, but also a witness to changes in daily life and years. For Shunde, Qingyun Wenshe is such an existence.

Qingyun Cultural Society is a non-profit cultural and educational institution founded by local cultural gentry. With its assistance, countless Shunde students have been able to "pacify Qingyun". In 1941-1945, Shunde visionaries created the "Qingyun Children's Correctional Home" for the adoption of unaccompanied and uneducated children, and accompanied the children to grow up in the war. What is striking is that after the liberation of Qingyun Wenshe, the operation ceased, and the cultural context of Shunde, which once flourished for 100 years, was interrupted.

The concealment of culture is the regret of the city. The Qingyun Cultural Society Historical Research Institute was initiated and established by Shunde Overseas Chinese Town, aiming to reproduce the spirit of Shunde displayed by Qingyun Cultural Society, and to pursue, excavate and revitalize this period of 350-year-old Qingyun culture.

When Qingyun started, the hidden history was fresh again. On September 16, 2019, with the opening of Happy Coast Plus, the compound public cultural space "Qingyun Wenshe Historical Institute" opened in the Dutch Academy, and the "Hidden Qingyun Wenshe" historical archive exhibition opened at the same time, a period spanning 350 years The legend of urban culture finally got a new continuation in the moment.

In the future, the institute will be devoted to the research of Qingyun Cultural Society's related history, as well as the combing and art activation of local culture and scenery in Shunde and even the Pearl River Delta region, and establish an open and searchable archive. And through publications, videos, exhibitions, lectures, cultural creations and other carriers, the results will be continuously presented to the public.

Ticket: free admission
Location: OCT Happ Habour PLUS Lotus Garden
Open: 10:00-18:00
"Hidden Qingyun Cultural Society" Historical Archive Exhibition
A Qingyun project, Shunde context is awakening. Qingyun's history is closely related to Shunde's political changes, educational development, urban space reform, and the inheritance of cultural etiquette. It is not only related to the development of Shunde's context, but also the cultural support of the "Shunde spirit", and even affects the future direction of progress.
Beginning in 2018, Shunde Overseas Chinese Town joined hands with Dagan Art and various scholars to open the "Qingyun Project". Through sorting out and exploring the history of Qingyun Wenshe, we re-recognized and understood a spirited and profound Shunde, and also realized more deeply Under the development of the new era, "Qingyun Spirit" still has unique cultural value. Through innovative methods, books and movies are used as the carrier, so that this history can be vividly displayed to the public. Shunde Overseas Chinese Town hopes to understand the splendid and glorious past together with the citizens of Shunde and discuss the possibilities of the future.
Important Events
Pearl River Delta Field Writing Sharing Session
January 5, 2020
The "Shaping in the Jianghai-Pearl River Delta Field Writing Sharing Conference and the Launching Ceremony of the Qingyun Field Writing Award" sponsored by the Qingyun Cultural Institute and supported by the Shunde Overseas Chinese Town was held on the second floor of the Shunde Food Museum. This sharing session lasted for one day and was based on a summary sharing and exchange of the Pearl River Delta Dragon Boat Manufacturing and Survival Survey organized by the Qingyun Institute of Cultural Research in 2019. 15 scholars, artists, writers, musicians, and photographers each brought a full sharing marathon to the audience from different perspectives.