Theme Activity

The Lantern Festival
The Chinese New Year holiday comes to its climax with the Yuan Xiao, or Lantern Festival during which people come to the streets to enjoy various kinds of glowing lanterns and visit market stalls. During Spring Festival, there will be 3000 glowing lanterns lighting up the whole OCT Harbour PLUS which may make you feel like strolling in the streets of Changan in the prime period of Tang dynasty. There are 56 groups of stalls selling various kinds of Spring Festival commodities.
New Year's Eve Lighting Festival
Come and celebrate New Year's Eve with your love in a very romantic and dreamy way. On the night of the 21st December, Hu Xia, a well-known singer attended the opening ceremony of the first New Year's Eve Lighting Festival in Greater Bay Area in OCT Harbour PLUS. The New Year's Eve Lighting Festival will last until January 5, during which there are also super beautiful light shows, flying snow shows, music performances to meet the happy imagination of all kinds of people.
Eating in Guangdong. Shunde Food and Culture Week
Shunde was the second city in China and sixth in the world that was designated by UNESCO as the City of Gastronomy. Shunde is also the only city with the title the Hometown of Chinese Chefs in the Cantonese cuisine region. Netizens describe Shunde as "a city worthy of flying over to visit and eat around". "Taste of Shunde" produced here has been ranked top 5 documentary by TV ratings in CCTV documentary channel. During the 7-day and 7-night food and culture feast, celebrity chefs from many other cities of gastronomy from all over the world and many famous Shunde restaurants and shops presented in A Bite of Shunde gathered here. There are about 130 food stalls in One Belt and One Road Food Zone, Greater Bay Area Food Zone and Culture and Creative Exhibition Area in OCT Harbour PLUS. During Shunde Food and Culture Week, about 500,000 visitors were attracted here.
Guangfu Culture Festival
During the National Day holiday, visitors of OCT Harbour PLUS can enjoy 7 themes of activities about Cantonese traditional culture and Lingnan culture 7 days in a row, such as Dragon Boat Quyi, Cantonese opera performance, Gambiered Canton Silk fashion show and so on. In the rich and traditional Shunde cultural atmosphere of Qushui Bay, visitors can experience many new aspects of Guangfu culture. About 600,000 visitors were received during the seven-day festival.
Grand Opening Mid-Autumn Festival Party
During the 3-day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, to showcase Cantonese culture, OCT Harbour PLUS decorated the whole park with super large lanterns, lantern gallery and Cantonese traditional art exhibitions, which altogether presents the ancient poetic and oriental essence of “Mid-Autumn Twelve Double-hour”, making visitors feel a touch of the scene in the most renowned Chinese painting Along the River During the Qingming Festival .More than 160,000 visitors were received in the three-day holiday.