OCT Wetland Park

  • Ecological Parking Lot/ South Gate of Shunfeng Mountain Park

  • Guipan Avenue

  • OCT Boxes Art Museum

  • Art Church

  • Lotus Terrace

  • Wetland Ocean of Flowers

  • Sculpture Group

  • Woods and Grassland

  • Grass Slope Slide

  • Bauhinia Island

  • Four-season Great Lawn

  • Dragon Boat Museum

  • Phoenix Avenue

OCT Wetland Park is an interesting and popular ecotourism destination in Shunde.

To raise public awareness of environmental protection and foster knowledge and understanding of the inherent values of wetlands, the 27,000- km2 wetland park is built along Guipan river with well-developed ecological and arts space. It presents an opportunity to provide an education and recreation venue with a theme on the values of wetlands for use by local residents and visitors.

Ecological Parking Lot/ South Gate of Shunfeng Mountain Park

It takes about 2-mintue from the OCT ecological parking lot to the south gate of Shunfeng Mountain park on foot. Walk along the Guipan river and take in all the green and enjoy all the artistic objects.

Guipan Avenue
You can enjoy tranquility with wonderful view walking or biking along the 2-kilomter avenue by Guipan river in the park.

OCT Boxes Art Museum
OCT Boxes Art Museum is located about 500m away from the south gate of the park. The whole gallery covers 1420 ㎡ with an exhibition space of 477 ㎡. All exhibitions and activities are open to the public free of charge. It is committed to creating an international high-level art haven for the public with both local and international resources. Outdoor public art exhibitions also skillfully integrate contemporary art with the wetland environment. Welcome to a place full of surprises!
Tuesday to Friday: 10:00-18:00
Weekends: 10:00-20:00

Art Church
While exploring in the park, you may come across the colorful Art Church hidden in the woods. While sunlight filtering through the transparent glass on the dome, flickering shades of different colors make a beautiful picture.

Lotus Terrace
While strolling along the avenue, you will be charmed by the aroma of lotus flowers which will naturally guide you to the Lotus Terrace. Standing on the terrace, you can take in all the beauty of the lotus pond. Among the green leaves, a branch of lotus is graceful and graceful, like a shy girl, with a scarlet face and a slight smile; some petals of the lotus are as white as jade, and the lotus canopy is deep green in the flower. There are many holes in the upper side of the canopy, and the baby yellow seeds of the lotus are asleep in it; dewdrops silently slide down the tip of the leaves. What a calming and relaxing effect of the beauty of nature!

Wetland Ocean of Flowers
Across the lotus terrace is the Wetland Ocean of Flowers, which is located in the northeast corner of the Wetland Park, covering an area of about 80,000㎡. A variety of colorful blossoms in the high trees and flowers in full bloom in the ground are intermingled to give you a sensational visual experience all year around. The red kapok flowers, the tender yellow Handroanthus Chrysanthus flowers and pink and white Bauhinia blossoms are radiant in the air. Flowers of canna, lotus, water lily, Azaleas blooming in different seasons of the year will always make a perfect background for photography enthusiasts.

Sculpture Group
Children playing the wetland park are suddenly attracted by a giant lemon lying on the grassland. Where does it come from? Is it a fruit fell from a tree because of gravity? The wetland park is dotted with 15 more sculptures which will arouse children’s curiosity about science and arts.

Woods and Grassland Evergreen trees together with shrubs and grasses here present a very refreshing picturesque view to visitors. Come and embrace nature here!

Grass Slope Slide
There is a hidden kids playground beside the woods with facility like grass slope slide, seesaw, sand pool, etc. Kids can have endless fun here.

Bauhinia Island
When Bauhinia flowers of various colors are in full blossom in the spring, this 3,900㎡ island is like a mysterious fairy land where you can stroll around amazed by the fragrance and beautiful scene.

Four-season Great Lawn
Immediately over the nine-hole bridge you will see the four-season great lawn which is an ideal place for all kinds of recreational activities and outdoor fun. Come and enjoy the beauty and relieve your stress here.

Dragon Boat Museum

The Dragon Boat Museum is adjacent to the four-season great lawn on the south bank of Guipan river with a total area of 896 square meters. It was designed by an internationally renowned designer Li Xiaodong. It takes the shape of a dragon boat flying above Guipan river, which is a very spectacular scene. The first floor is a platform with gorgeous view; the second floor is the main exhibition area of dragon boat culture; the third floor is the open-air platform with greenery. The museum showcases the city spirit of "competing for the best and daring to be the first" and the dragon boat culture vividly, infusing a new artistic life experience into Shunde and bringing local residents a strong sense of belonging.

Phoenix Avenue
Delonix regia is called Phoenix tree in Chinese because of its leaves’ resemblance to phoenix image in Chinese culture. The 400 Phoenix trees are lined up along the 300-meter Phoenix Avenue along the river. Red flowers mingled with green lawn and trees have formed a picturesque view where strolling visitors here can fully enjoy and relax themselves.