Dragon Boat Museum
The Dragon Boat Museum is located in Shunfeng Moutain Park with a total area of 896 square meters.It is a cultural complex where visitors can enjoy dragon boat culture and watch and experience dragon boat racing. It was opened to the public in November 2018.

The museum was designed by internationally renowned dsigner Li Xiaodong, the first Chinese designer with Aga Khan Award for Architecture. It takes the shape of a dragon boat flying above Guipan river and shows the perfect combination of water and architecture, which is a very spectacular scene that creates strong visual sensation. The first floor is a platform with gorgeous view; the second floor is the main exhibition area of dragon boat culture; the third floor is the open-air platform with greenery which displays the awards and prizes that Shunde dragon boat racing teams have won all these years.
Ticket: free admission
Location: about 5-minute walk from East Gate of Shunfeng Mountain Park
Open: 9:00-18:00 (no entry after 17:50)
《A Shape Formed by River and Sea. Notes on the Building and Survival of Dragon Boats in the Pearl River Delta Region》
20 June,2019-31 March, 2020
Shunde OCT and Daken ART initiated the second-phase project of Qingyun plan in 2018. The exhibition was produced by Shunde OCT and was planned and executed by Daken ART. The theme of the exhibition is A Shape Formed by River and Sea, quoted from A Taoist Classic Chuang-Tzu, aiming to keep the form of long-lasting dragon culture through the exhibition of the remaining dragon boats and dragon craftsmen.