Shunde Food Museum
With the support of the government of Shunde district, Shunde Food Museum was founded by Shunde OCT. It is committed to showcasing and educating the public about Shunde food and culture and promoting Shunde as a UNESCO City of Gastronomy. It is located on the first floor of the No.1 Building of OCT Happy Harbour PLUS Square and was open to the public in September 2019. The second floor is 3700 m2 International Food and Culture Exchange Center.

Incredible Shunde

The permanent exhibition Incredible Shunde explores the relationship between food and people, food and city with the evolution of Shunde food from which we get to know the incredible transformation of society, the inheritance of culture and spirit of different era. The exhibition includes four sections, namely "Retaining Original Flavor of Ingredients","Love for Food and Love for Life", "Shunde Chefs" and "Shunde Food in the world".
Ticket: Free admission
Location: the second floor of No.1 Building of OCT Happy Harbour PLUS
Open: 10:00-21:30 (close on Monday)
The permanent exhibition Incredible Shunde
November 2019
Shunde is incredible, but its incredible is usually hidden behind plain faces. As the largest eel farming base in the country, few people think that most of the eel in the Japanese eel rice they usually eat comes from Shunde.

As if you were talking with Mr. Kang Hui, Shunde, you would be surprised by his homely tone when telling his legendary experience, and would not believe it was a national treasure-level cooking master who had led Mao Zedong and many heads of state.

Cantonese stir-fry is famous for its emphasis on wok, but if you have n't heard Shunde's famous chef talk about wok, you ca n't really understand the fleeting wok. The spirit is not the color, the taste (meaning) is not the shape, which is the essence of Chinese philosophy and the essence of Shunde cuisine.