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Happy Time Theme Park

——the first free entry Caribbean park in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA)

Most theme parks charge the pay-one-price fee to pass through its turnstiles and ride unlimited attractions. As the first free entry theme park in OCT, Happy Time Theme Park with more than 20 attractions for both young people and family with kids offers free admission and a pay-as-you-go policy for its rides. The five theme sub-areas(Rose Square, Coco Mexico, Exotic Belize, Warrior Tribe, and Steam Wharf) together with all the interesting and interactive discoveries and exciting live entertainment make Happy Time Theme Park a great outdoor museum of the 15 -19 century Great Navigation Era. 详情>

more than 20 top attractions

Yōulíng gǔ bǎo —— Yōulíng gǔ bǎo
Hū míng hū àn de hóng dēng, máogǔsǒngrán de jiān jiào shēng, yōu'àn de huánjìng, jīngsǒng de chǎngjǐng, hái yǒu bùshí chūxiàn de yōulíng, gè zhǒng fěiyísuǒsī de shìwù dōu fāshēng zài gǔ bǎo lǐ. Xúnzhe dà hánghǎi shídài yíliú de hénjī, qù yī xún máicáng zài


Shunde Eye —— the first cable-stayed and double-column ferris wheel in South China
"Shunde eye" is the first cable-stayed and double-column ferris wheel in South China.


Jungle Roller Coaster —— ride with "shrieking" in unison
An impressive journey on a mountain track awaits you! Jungle Roller accelerates dozens of times with even a daring a daring 360° turn.


Treehouse Adventure —— super-large weightless family friendly attraction
This new type of family friendly amusement facility with large capacity is suitable to people of all ages, which is an important trend of future development.


Eight Top Attractions

Six Family-Friendly Entertainment

Routes for Young People

Routes for Romantic Couples